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SBP White Paper

Keeping your brand alive during a restructure

Mergers. Acquisitions. Rebrands.

Every big business restructure needs a great strategy and great communication.

There’s art and science to managing your brand and communications well – before, during and after a significant transaction. But not everyone gets it right. That’s why we decided to speak to leading corporate marketing directors about their experience and break down our own approach to major corporate restructure comms.

M&A executives say communication with employees and customers or third-party agents is a top three factor in M&A success.

Six Black Pens’ white paper takes you through some of the key processes that need to be in place to make sure your communication strategy complements your business strategy.

You can read about:

  • How marketing and business strategy work together in a corporate restructure
  • Nailing your Customer Value Proposition
  • The critical role of a detailed multi-audience messaging matrix
  • Inspire. Energise. Engage: a three-phase process for restructure comms
  • Why it’s vital you don’t neglect your B2B channels
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