Delivering a mega-project for Australian farmers:

NAB Agribusiness Calendar 2020

The flagship NAB Agribusiness Calendar is a celebration of the bank’s commitment to its regional and rural customers across Australia – one in three Australian agribusinesses bank with NAB. For the 2020 edition, we were asked to deliver a calendar that focused on the theme: ‘the faces and families of agribusiness’.

The end result, a series of profiles and stories centred around adversity, progress and generations, culminated in a print calendar and digital assets and was all about heart. How we got there, however, was all about graft.

Big effort, big results


km travelled


photos taken


emails sent


video minutes shot


flights taken


families profiled


social videos


calendar shared with 26,000 customers


longform stories


Facebook carousels


launch event video


A1 customer prints

Our objectives

The project goal was to underscore NAB’s long-term commitment to helping Australians develop successful agribusinesses – often over multiple generations – and to demonstrate NAB’s understanding of the agricultural industry and its people.

Digitally, we looked to drive traffic to the NAB agribusiness website through a suite of immersive written, video and photographic content online and for social.

To provide agri bankers with sales support, the calendar was delivered in person, giving the team the chance to start a conversation with customers about their business prospects in 2020. The meetings were tracked to help NAB understand the opportunities and any revenue outcomes from the activity.

Scope of work

  • Project strategy
  • Customer research
  • Immersive content ideas
  • Storytelling ecosystem
  • Short- and longform online content
  • Photography and video assets
  • Calendar design and production
  • Social media comms

How we did it

We changed our narrative technique this year to make the stories more shareable and work even harder as discussion starters for agribusinesses and their NAB bankers. We focused on three overriding themes – generations of agribusiness, triumph in adversity, and stories of progress – to highlight the variety of routes Australian agribusinesses take to succeed, often against tremendous odds.

In addition, we made more use of photography and video footage to help amplify the stories across a greater number of channels. We also created a range of printed collateral and digital and visual communications that helped bring the customers’ stories to life.

And while we’re proud of the work, we’re just as proud of how we got there.

Our social strategy

To amplify the program, Six Black Pens produced three 15-second social videos, each featuring a hero customer and aligned to the program’s key themes of adversity, progress and generations. Placed on Facebook as sponsored content to create awareness and engagement, and also on LinkedIn, the videos linked to more in-depth articles to drive consideration.

What we achieved

This was an incredibly complex job with multiple stakeholders and customers, shoots in every state of Australia, a high number of deliverables, and a high degree of digital-first thinking required. Six Black Pens nailed it.

Nick JeffreyAgri Program lead, Creative and Content, NAB