Bupa International says ‘We’re here for you’

As the #1 health insurer for overseas students and visitors,1 Bupa Australia understands that starting life in a new country can be both exciting and nerve-racking. That’s why knowing you’re cared for gives you the freedom to make the most of the adventure. Bupa International needed a unifying creative idea to show that it really looks out for its international student and visitor customers. This idea needed to be flexible enough to stretch across multiple culturally diverse audiences – B2C (students and workers), B2B (migrant agents and education institutions) and B2B2C – with all the emotion of Bupa’s ‘healthcaring’ brand narrative.

1 Based on APRA market share data 2022-2023

Scope of work

  • Brochures

  • A3 posters

  • A5 flyers

  • Counter stands

  • Pull-up banners

  • Merchandise

  • Social – feeds and stories

  • Digital display

The task

This was an opportunity to create a campaign that was driven by warmth, emotion and humanity. The campaign would have to cross a wide range of channels, while reflecting Bupa’s new healthcaring brand position by putting more ‘heart’ into health insurance. We wanted to take an approach that was broad yet personal at the same time, and bring it to life – ‘Whatever your life in Australia looks like, Bupa is there for you so you’re free to enjoy it.’

The idea

Visually, to really resonate with the audience, we featured authentic imagery of international students and visitors enjoying various Australian experiences – including working, studying and fun. The warm, colourful and energetic photography was backed by the campaign line ‘We’re here for you’ – to show that, no matter what your Aussie adventure looks like, Bupa has your back. The language was deliberately unambiguous to resonate clearly with an audience where English may be the second language.

The collateral

The campaign needed to work for B2C and B2B audiences and be executed across various channels. We rolled out a range of B2B and B2C collateral for Bupa’s international agents to use both digitally and for in-person activations at places like universities. In addition, we created campaign guidelines for Bupa’s other partner agencies.

“Creating a campaign that stretches across so many audiences while still feeling so personal was an incredibly tough task. Six Black Pens produced something that shows all of our overseas students and visitors that Bupa truly understands and supports them, as they embark on their journey in Australia.”

Roshni Taylor, Head of International Marketing, HI Marketing