Lending a helping hand in challenging times

How do you change an established and important organisation’s name without losing what makes them ‘them’? NEEOPA had a 25-year-long reputation and a high standing in the diversity and inclusion space. But the lack of opportunities during 2020 hit them hard. To help boost membership and position them for brighter times ahead, we reinvigorated their identity with a new brand platform, a new visual identity and a new name. 

Scope of work

  • Brand platform
  • A new name
  • Visual identity

Creating a visual identity

Inspired by the new brand platform, our design team constructed a visual identity to express the brand’s character. 
The solution had to be flexible, distinctive and, of course, inclusive.

From NEEOPA to The Inclusion Circle

A core issue was NEEOPA’s name. Lacking simplicity and clarity, it didn’t communicate what they represented or offered. Our team considered how best to highlight their benefits while still accommodating possible future evolutions. We arrived at The Inclusion Circle – a descriptive and distinctive name that gives them room to grow, not just locally but internationally, too.

Building a brand from the inside out

NEEOPA’s specialism and offer in the inclusion and diversity space wasn’t delivering the profile they deserved. So we went to work defining who they were and what made them different. Through extensive interviewing and discussion, we developed a strategic framework anchored in a cohesive brand platform.

Inclusivity with no compromises

The colour palette and typography were optimised for accessibility with a focus on contrast and clarity.

Branding with impact

We built a series of geometric forms, contrasting illustration and photographic styles to create a distinctive style.

A dynamic and flexible system

The new logo uses graphic devices and signature shapes to convey energy and diversity in action.

For our work with The Inclusion Circle, Six Black Pens was named finalist at the AGDA Design Awards 2021 in the Design for Good – Social & Community category.

“It’s perfect. We are so happy with the result and re-energised by being clear on what makes our members value us. Our new name, look and feel will help us bring this clear proposition to life in the business community and support us to be bolder in our stance on all inclusion issues.”

Fiona Davies, Vice President, The Inclusion Circle