A big launch for a big new offering

Launching Woolworths at Work to the Aussie market.
Woolworths was unveiling something new and completely different for Australian businesses – Woolworths at Work – a B2B offer providing a smart way to buy fresh food and everyday essentials. Six Black Pens had the exciting opportunity to launch this new business and reposition Woolworths as a leader in the business grocery category.

Scope of work

  • Strategy
  • CVP and messaging
  • B2B customer journey
  • 1 x 30” TVC
  • 4 x 15” TVCs
  • 3 x radios spots
  • Large format OOH
  • Lift lobby signage
  • Street furniture creative
  • Digital and social strategy and creative
  • 2x website UX, design and copy
  • B2B communication strategy
  • B2B onboarding assets
  • B2B eDM journey
  • Sales kits and presentations

Starting strong: going hard on strategy

Guided by a comprehensive customer journey, foundational brand strategy and Customer Value Proposition, Six Black Pens developed a huge scope of assets to support all components of the brand’s launch.

We worked with teams right across the business to understand the immensely complex needs of their varied audiences.

“Understanding the product and how it had genuinely been designed to serve businesses was critical. Our task was to detach this business offer from the consumer supermarket, whilst not losing that valuable Woollies brand equity. Once we defined that strategically we were set up to bring it to life.”

Emma Burn, Head of Strategy, Six Black Pens

Grown for business: a fertile creative platform

We developed a powerful new creative platform for launch – ‘A whole new business, grown to take care of business’ – delivered across a series of playful 30 second and 15 second video and radio vignettes, targeting a range of business verticals and showcasing just how the Woolworths at Work business shopping platform takes care of things for Australian business.


We followed the same engaging set up as the TV, articulating how businesses’ shopping was ‘sorted’ with Woolworths at Work.

An immense roll out… and a tram wrap!

We rolled out a huge suite of B2B communications across a range of dynamic touchpoints. This covered film and radio, compelling out of home creative, social campaigns, two best-in-class websites, sales collateral, onboarding journeys, blogs and newsletters… and, of course, tram wraps!

“We wanted to develop a campaign that delivered some of that ‘Woolies warmth’ that we all know and love; but in many ways the story here is the smart hub that sits behind the shopping platform. Showcasing smart procurement systems isn’t inherently ‘warm’ – but I think we found some human ways in, while still showcasing the key benefits for business decision makers.”

Oli Vickery, Founder & Director, Six Black Pens

One site, for all our audiences

Woolworths at Work had two distinct audiences to speak to – the business procurement teams and the shoppers that would be using the service regularly. We created a front-facing information website to introduce Woolworths at Work to the decision-makers, and an internal site to help the shopper purchase for their business. Both were designed to reflect the brand itself – smart, easy and committed to healthier outcomes. The everyday essentials experience, reimagined.