Brevity, relevance, interest, tone – there’s a knack to creating engaging emails. Here are our picks from around the world.


The best welcome

There’s a lot to convey in a welcome email. You’ll want to tell your customers how good your product is, how helpful your service team are, how much value you deliver… and the rest. But restraint can say so much more. This meditation app welcome eDM, from Headspace, lets the product do the talking by saying very little. Peace at last.


The best follow-up

There’s a lot to distract even the most dedicated online shopper these days. All the more reason to ensure your audience stays engaged. This three-part ‘abandoned cart’ follow-up eDM, from mattress brand Tuft&Needle, does a wonderful job of asking prospects to complete their purchase. With ‘nudge’ subject lines using consumer insights, they have us seriously rethinking our abandonment issues.


The best teaser

Another great example of less is more. With a subject line of ‘Something new is launching tomorrow’, US meal replacement company Soylent then heightened its customers’ curiosity by withholding information – rather than oversharing it. Talk about a tease.


The best customisation

Global beauty brand Sephora charmed customers during its 20 per cent off sale by personalising the subject line (of course) but also personalising its actual eDM content. Simply brilliant. They’re making the effort, so we feel important.


The best newsletter

Newsletters are always a pleasure to write. You can test which articles gain the most traction across multiple audiences, to produce a continual loop of improvement and tailoring. This monthly example from US design studio Journey Group is for people who love storytelling in all its art forms.


The best bond builder

Imagine a company that places so much value on relationships that it’ll do anything not to spam clients – even if that means dropping them from its mailing list. That’s US recruitment company HireVue’s philosophy. And let’s face it, confident is much more attractive than clingy. The subject line? ‘Saying goodbye is never easy to do…’.

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