Flickfest Christmas 2020

Break with your Die Hard tradition this year and treat yourself to some of these under-appreciated but highly rated Christmas (or Christmas-adjacent) films.

Dead Calm

A Christmas tragedy kicks off this still-horrifying thriller about a couple terrorised by a madman at sea. Our Nicole (Kidman) owns the screen.

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Holiday Inn

Join Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire for the Hollywood classic that produced the bestselling Christmas song of all time – and no, it’s not sung by Mariah Carey.

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Stuart Little

Talking mouse who sounds remarkably like Marty McFly teaches us all about the importance of family. Nail-biting toy yacht race included.

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First rule of Christmas: don’t get the cute new pet wet. Second rule: don’t feed it after midnight. Has there been a better cautionary tale for kids about how to treat mystery gifts?

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Thrown into each other’s orbit through a Christmas gift-buying trip, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara remind us that love, actually, can be as dangerous as it can be intoxicating.

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In Bruges

When the holiday cheer becomes too much, satisfy your Christmas grinch with this dark and comic-tragic movie that’s more existential winter nightmare than festive fairy tale.

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