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Oli recommends:

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

“I reckon that food is a great topic for a podcast – it’s something that everyone is passionate about, but not a topic that you’ll lose friends over! Plus, it’s all English comedians so it’s obviously hilarious.”

Listen at acast.com

Heidi tips:

The Anthropocene Reviewed

“New York Times bestselling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) reviews different parts of the human-centred planet on a five-star scale. Think Trip Advisor-style reviews of diverse items such as scratch and sniff stickers and the Indianapolis 500.”

Stream at wnycstudios.org

Elizabeth endorses:

You Must Remember This

“A deep dive into the scandals and forgotten stories of Hollywood’s first century. From Clara Bow to Jane Fonda, you won’t be able to tear your Airpods away from these fascinating, tinsel-studded tales of old-school celebs behaving badly.”

Check it out at youmustrememberthis.com

A thumbs up from Chris:

The Hurricane Tapes

“Forty hours of previously undiscovered interviews with boxer Ruben ‘Hurricane’ Carter that tell the full story of the famous triple murder. Great journalism, riveting story and 
an awesome Bob Dylan soundtrack! Def worth 
a listen.”

Listen at bbc.co.uk

Brooke’s nod:


“A female-fronted pop culture podcast that covers everything from The Bachelor to mental health or important news topics (usually) relating to women. Influential interviewees include Julia Gillard and Emma Carey (The Girl Who Fell From the Sky). Billed as the podcast for smart people who like dumb stuff – I love their highwire act.”

Hear it at shamelessthepodcast.com

Bea’s fave:

Pod Save the World

“A witty weekly podcast that breaks down international news and foreign policy developments but doesn’t feel like homework! American political commentator Tommy Vietor and former US deputy national security adviser and co-host Ben Rhodes walk you through – and behind – the scenes of big decisions with people in the know.”

Get it now at crooked.com

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