Great summer reads, as chosen by SBP

Find the quietest spot in the house and crack open one of our picks.

Jason’s pick:

The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton

“Sure, it’s no bodice ripper or spy thriller, but you’ll be ready to man the barricades in defence of deficit spending once you’ve blasted through economist Stephanie Kelton’s celebration of modern monetary theory and the gains to be had. Bonus: you’ll look like a right smarty pants to anyone judging your reading choices.”

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KG swears by:

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turon

“A brilliant time-twisting mystery. Takes the tradition of Christie’s locked-room murder and explodes it.”

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Aislinn loves:

Bewildered by Laura Walters

“A Melbourne journalist’s memoir of her 3000km hike down NZ’s Te Araroa Trail. It’s a brilliant travel/adventure journey of self-discovery and blisters. Sort of an Aussie/NZ version of the Reese Witherspoon movie, Wild.”

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Joe suggests:

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

“Compelling, frightening and often hilarious examination of how social media has basically brought back the pillory. The consequences of public shaming often far outweigh the actual crime. Late to the Jon Ronson party but a huge convert.”

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Vic just finished:

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

“Four unlikely octogenarians living in a retirement home become mates by investigating old murder cases on a Thursday evening – until, one night, real murder strikes. Can the theoretical sleuths catch a real-life killer before he or she strikes again?”

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Morgan’s ‘thumbs up’:

Barbarian Days by Willian Finnegan

“Invites you into the romantic and tribal cache of surfing life. Finnegan schlepps his way around the world and has experiences that are only just imaginable before becoming a writer for the New Yorker – all because one day he picked up a surfboard.”

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